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Emergency Medicine Department

The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, as a one of the leading institutions in the field of clinical care as well as academic excellence in the country, is honored to host & organize Resuscitation & Research Conference 2018

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Counselling and Guidance Department

Psychological counseling and all its different forms, represent the main mechanism for the development of any country. Since its establishment in 1999, the Student Counseling Center at Sultan Qaboos University aims to provide services that meet students’ counseling needs, and that helps enhance students attain their psychological, social and academic goals. It also seeks to continuously develop and improve its services to both the individual and to society. In the light of the rapid progress, openness of knowledge and the pace of development and planning for a better future in the psychological counseling field and all its different forms, the conference seeks to address the challenges of that openness and the different counseling needs in both governmental and private institutions. Moreover, the Student Counseling Center seeks to apply modern technology in relation to developmental and preventative counseling programs.

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First ICFMP 2018


Oman’s diverse climate offers a variety of habitats for wildlife including mountains, valleys, deserts, coastal plains and sea coasts. Over one thousand species of plants have been recorded in Oman. The most famous is the Boswellia sacra, the frankincense tree. Indeed, frankincense is one of the most evocative expressions of Oman’s vibrant heritage and culture. Given the increasing interest in discovering new drugs from medicinal plants in general and from frankincense in particular, coupled with the need to better link academia with industry, it is important to highlight the recent advances in this area.
This inaugural conference aims to promote an exchange of knowledge and information about medicinal plants and frankincense to establish linkages between producers and consumers of natural products worldwide. It also offers an opportunity to introduce delegates to new developments and breakthroughs in many disciplines related to these areas. The conference further aims to contribute to increased production, underline the industrial and environmental value of Omani’s natural products, and highlight recent medical and scientific discoveries.


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